To successfully manage your chronic disease, you must start with wanting to change, to feel better and to be better. The road to managing your chronic disease will never be easy, but there are tools and techniques you can use to aid in your journey to good health.

Part of the curriculum within the M Power Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshop is learning how to set up and implement successful action plans.

A program coordinator will help you choose something about your habits you want to improve. The key is that you agree with the final choice and want to follow through with whatever this action plan entails. If you set a goal just because someone suggested you do it, you may not have the motivation you need to succeed.

On the same page, whatever you want to do must be possible. Deciding to do something impossible will set you up for failure and could hurt your self-esteem for pursuing further goals. Before you commit to your action plan, evaluate its difficulty and your mindset. Are you ready for something really challenging, or should you start smaller?

Your action plan should answer very specific questions: what is it, how much, how often and when? How will you know you’ve succeeded?

Example: I will be a more active person by walking 15 minutes at least three to four days a week this month.

Once you have an action plan, write it down and post it around your living area. Ask those who support you to check in on you. Make daily notes of your moods and energy levels. Did you skip your walk last week because you were too tired? Did you find you didn’t have time to go on your walk? Why is that?

Making daily notes about your action plan, positive or negative, will help you discover what you are doing successfully and where you might improve. You may also discover hiccups you didn’t anticipate. By taking notes, you can brainstorm methods to deal with those hiccups.

The M Power Workshop will also help you develop the confidence you need to embark on your action plan on your own. You will learn the best way to reward yourself and how often. If you want the best path to success, sign up during the next open enrollment period in your region.

You deserve to be happy and healthy. Let us show you the quickest way there.

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