The average American spends about $1,000 on prescription drugs each year. Unfortunately, many in Southeast Missouri cannot afford to spend nearly that much for the medicine they need. If you have a chronic condition like diabetes or hypertension and you have to choose between medicine or fresh fruits and vegetables, we urge you to apply for the Prescription Drug Assistance program.

The Prescription Drug Assistance program is designed to help those who cannot afford medicines gain access to them through patient assistance programs. Enrolling in the program is easy. Just call our office at 573-624-1607 to have an enrollment packet mailed to you ,or you may download the enrollment forms and instructions.

After completing the forms, mail them and the required documents to our office:

Regional Healthcare Foundation
Prescription Drug Assistance (PDA) Program
215 W. Grant
Dexter, MO 63841

If approved, you will be sent an application for your medications. All you need to do is sign and date your application and mail it back. We will communicate with your healthcare provider to finalize the rest of the paperwork.

Depending on the medicine companies’ guidelines, your medication will either be delivered to your home or available for pickup at your healthcare provider’s office.

Most applications we submit are for a 90-day supply of medication.

  •      You should apply if
  •      You don’t have prescription drug insurance coverage.
  •      You’re underinsured.
  •      You meet the pharmaceutical company’s income guidelines.
  •      You’re a U.S. resident.

*Minimum financial guidelines apply.

Do not delay receiving the medication you need. We can help you be healthy.